Designing meaningful, intuitive & delightful digital products.
Hi! I am Dimitri, a remote designer based in Greece. Previously, I worked in the UK, China & Ireland, collaborating with global clients and distributed teams. Below is a selection of my projects:
Enterprise Graph Analysis
Enabling impactful work
Accelerating Social Change
Integrated Bridge System UI
Engineering Company Website
The Good, the Bad, and the Pixelated
About me

Hi! I am Dimitri, a remote designer with an insatiable curiosity and a pull towards new ventures. I started in Graphic design, switched to Industrial and finally landed in (Digital) Product Design. Born in Greece, I also lived in Ireland, London & Hangzhou (China).

For the last few years I've been working remotely, collaborating with great multicultural teams, trying to bring meaningful products into existence. Outside of design, I used to be a paratrooper, cartographer, movie extra, and urban avocado tree grower. I am married to colorful Yana and have a wacko rescue dog.


If you want design support for your project, I am happy to talk.
You can email me directly at:

What I do now:

Working remotely with a distributed team, while based in Greece.

Nomading days are over? Planted roots close to the sea for the next 2 years.

We have a newborn son! exciting, tiring and amazing times ahead.

I was getting into shape, now I do baby lifting. Progressive overload there too...

Tending to a growing family of stray cats plus our punk dog.

Location: A stone's throw from Athens

Out of Office Explorations

A selection of photos from past travels