Design support for NGOs to accelerate social change

The Engine Room is an international organisation that helps activists, organisations, and other social change agents make the most of data and technology to increase their impact. So far they have helped more than 200 organisations in the areas of equality, justice, human rights, good governance and accountability. I was lucky to be involved in the following projects.


UI Design, Branding


Websites, Web Apps



Quien Compro

Quien Compro (who bought?) is an online platform tracking how the Mexican congress spends public money. Using freedom of information requests, expenditure documents are pulled and stored in the web app. The copious amounts of data are processed with the help of Mexican citizens through crowd-sourcing their voluntary help.

Insights and outcomes from the documents can then be used for investigative journalist inquiries to safeguard the transparency of public resources. The project was coordinated by The Engine Room, designed by me, and developed by the Open Data Kosovo team.

Data Centar

Data Centar is an open online platform that provides easy access to datasets of various public information at the national and local level in Serbia. It was developed to help journalists, activists, researchers and public officials in the search for valuable data to power their stories, campaigns, analyses or decision making. I was responsible for the brand identity and web-app UI design.

Level UP

LevelUp is, at its core, an educational resource that features advice from digital safety trainers from around the world. Its purpose is to help digital safety trainers and educators improve their work and better protect social change agents. I was part of the website redesign initiative, creating the new brand identity and UI design.

Responsibe Data Microsite

The Responsible Data (RD) community is a place for those who use data in social change and advocacy to develop practical approaches to addressing the ethical, legal, social and privacy-related challenges they face. We identify the unintended consequences of using data in this kind of work, and bring people together to create solutions.
This micro-site was created to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the RD community, and to highlight the work the community has done. I was tasked with the initial concept mock-ups and final visual design.