Terrain Concept Products

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Terrain is a Greek cartographic company, producing qualitative, informative and reliable maps of islands, mountains and counties, based on extensive field research using GPS & GIS technology. I was asked to design concept products, aimed at the vibrant, multicultural tourist market, for a future brand positioning.


Selection of direct / indirect competitive brands, both Greek and international.

Cartographic Elements

Deconstruction of visual brand elements that could be embedded into the concept product DNA.

1. “Walk the Walk”

Infusing the wandering nature of Terrain into a Summer shoe

Wandering is a fundamental element of the cartographic experience and at the same time the vehicle to communicate the hidden value. Using the inevitable wear of the outer sole the message will be slowly exposed giving the owner a visible indication of how active his/her holidays were.

2. Travel Wallets

Wallet concepts with cartographic visual elements.

3. Legend(ary) Products

Proposals for functional everyday items (key-chains, notebooks) that carry the distinct and unique symbols found in the legend of each terrain map.