The Restart Project

Graphic Design / UI / Social Innovation / Fixing / E-waste

The Restart Project is a London-based social enterprise that encourages and empowers people to use their electronics longer, by sharing repair and maintenance skills. While at the same time helping put a dent in the growing e-waste stream. I met Janet and Ugo, the founders of Restart Project, in 2014 and since then, I had the pleasure to collaborate with them on many occasions. Below is a showcase of our most notable work so far:


1. The Restart Party Kit

I was tasked with the creation of a guide that would condense all the experience from the community run events into an easy to implement kit that interested people could use to start a Restart Party anywhere. I created the style, layout and illustrations that compressed all the information into a tightly packed booklet. Booklet link ->

2. Restarters Identity

Restart Parties rely on volunteer fixers, the infamous Restarters. They contribute their time and knowledge to help other people, repair their faulty devices. Since the Repair movement has started spreading into a global self-sustaining community, there was a need for a coherent identity to signalize the Restarters as unique groups / members. I created an identity that stemmed from the parent (Restart Project) visual guidelines. It can be customized to include the location of each group while maintaining the overall consistency. (photo credit)

3. The global footprint of mobiles

A series of animated slides created to visualize the global impact of mobile phone manufacturing. You can find the whole animated set here and a static article on Inhabitat.

4. Fixometer User Interface

During each Restart Party, various data are being collected regarding the status of individual repairs. These data are the key to understanding the positive impact of every event. The need to have a clear image from the global community led to the creation of an online web tool called: “The Fixometer”. This is an online database that aggregates data from each party host and visualizes the global impact. My task was the design of the Fixometer’s User Interface and all the symbols used for the data visualizations.

5. Communication Documents

Selection of communication materials (invitation, promotional flyer and strategic visualization).

6. Repair Cards

Bath Council enlisted the Restart Project to produce four “tip cards” about “how to repair” a specific type of device. I was given the distilled information for each tip and designed the four double-sided A5 cards.

7. Posters

I have designed various posters to communicate the values and details of Restart Parties. Most notable examples: Posters for the Ethical Culture Fieldston School in the Bronx, NY who run their own in-school student-led repair event. An open poster, where party hosts could customize each information field while maintaining visual consistency. Lastly a series of posters for the Restart Project’s participation in Digital Design Weekend at the V&A museum in London. 

8. Icons

A selection of icons created primarily for the Fixometer’s User Interface and impact visualizations.