LevelUP Website

Advocacy / Public data / Transparency / Serbia / UI / Branding

LevelUp is, at its core, an educational resource that features advice from digital safety trainers from around the world. In the last three years, more than fifty people have helped research and design LevelUp’s content, which ranges from the Basics of Safer Browsing to Creating Safe Spaces. Despite this clear goal and well-researched content, the site was confusing to navigate and use effectively. It wasn’t designed to show content to be read online, and only veterans of the site could make sense of the information architecture.” (source: the Engine Room).

The pre-existing website had a tonne of content but was too dark, inaccessible and difficult to navigate. For the design overhaul, my focus was to redesign the website with a content first, user-friendly direction together with a minimal and bright aesthetic. Prior to the UI work, I also created the new identity for the platform through the same iterative process until the desired outcome.

The third direction followed the theme of modern libraries (above). Communal spaces of knowledge that champion the sharing of ideas and collaboration. The semantic values were fitting perfectly with the mission of LevelUP. It also provided many visual design details that could be incorporated in the design, like the earthy warm colors, the white space of the bookcases and the accent highlights of the dividers (bellow).