In case of Job Opening Remove USB

Job seeking / Self promotion / Experiment

There is a borderline area between two jobs, like a no mans land, it is volatile and provokes strong reactions. It is also a place ripe with interaction potential. Approaching an exciting position / company looks very similar with trying to impress an attractive person. You have to expose your self, be original (desirability is directly proportional with competition), creative, funny and effortless. Balances are very delicate between a good impression and desperation. Every time you find yourself in this strange, frustrating area start by imagining the person on the receiving end and make something that will produce a smile or a positive memory.


An initial version was made using individual postcards, which were delivered in seven different locations. A final model, constructed out of etched metal foam and glass, resembled a more realistic wall mounted “alarm”. The USB was loaded with a friendly message, a CV and a pdf portfolio.