Industrial Design

Industrial Design / Product design / User Interface Design / Concept Design / Prototyping / Packaging Design

Key projects I have been involved in, collaborating with clients, company directors, product designers, and design engineers, during the period of December 2012 – May 2014 when I was working as a Junior Industrial Designer in LA Design (UK). Primarily aimed at B2B markets in the sectors of Lighting Design, Industrial Safety, Non-destructive testing. Maritime and Retail industries. Due to NDAs, the following work is displayed indicatively.


LED/OLED Lighting

Product proposals for a new line of LED/OLED office and desk lighting.


I/O Controller unit

Concept design for a new I/O Controller unit and visuals for the product range identity.

Digital access

User interface and product design for a range of touchscreen entry devices.

Water pump packaging

Concept proposals for a water pump packaging design.


Integrated Bridge System UI

User interface (UI) design proposal for a commercial vessel integrated bridge system.


Non-destructive testing

Concept development for a non-destructive (NDT) ultrasonic, portable testing unit.