Ergotrails Identity & Wayfinding

Outdoor Tourism / Trailblazing / Branding / Identity / Greece / Wayfinding

ERGOTRAILS is the first Greek construction company offering comprehensive services in the  development of sports / leisure and alternative tourism. Through infrastructure projects, that promote outdoor activities, it aims to showcase the natural beauty of neglected places that can invite visitors throughout the year. I was commissioned to create the branding for this energetic company, as well as the corporate identity and the first study of a wayfinding design for future hiking trail development projects.


Preliminary work (above) and finished logotype with brand primary colours (below).

Corporate Identity

Wayfinding Trail Signs

One of ERGOTRAILS key services is the planning and development of marked hiking trail networks. Since each wayfinding project is unique we decided to create individual micro-identities for each trail network. This would be an opportunity to celebrate the different environmental / cultural contexts and infuse unique elements from the surrounding into each sign. The wayfinding system for a trail network in Mount Hymettus (Athens) could include depictions of the local wildlife (foxes, partridges, blackbirds, grouse, weasels, porcupines, rabbits i.a.).