The Engine Room

User Interface / Front End / Social Innovation / Illustrations / Icons / Distributed Work

The Engine Room is a non-profit organisation, operated by a truly international team, with a mission to accelerate social change. Through the application of data and technology, they have helped more than 200 organisations to increase their impact in the areas of equality, justice, human rights, good governance and accountability. Through the power of human networks, I was lucky to be introduced by Janet Gunter (Co-founder of the Restart Project) to Tin Geber (Design and Technology Lead @ The Egine Room). This has led to the following projects and to a great experience in distributed collaboration with a global team.


1. Quien Compro

¿Quién Compró? is a  group of Mexican journalists, that works to liberate publicly available data on politicians’ expenses. I designed the user interface and icons, for a micro-tasking, web platform that engages the public in identifying how government officials are spending public funds.  (Continue)



2. Data Centar

Data Centar is an open online platform that provides easy access to datasets of various public information in Serbia. It was developed to help journalists, activists, researchers and public officials in search for valuable data. I was tasked with the branding and user interface design of the web application. (Continue)



3. Level UP

LevelUp is an open online database intended to provide support, resources and knowledge to a growing network of digital safety trainers and users of technology worldwide. I created a new brand identity and redesigned the existing website.  (Continue)



4. GODAN Illustrations

GODAN, (Global Open Data for Agriculture and Nutrition) is a UK-based NGO aimed at advancing the open data agenda for agriculture and nutrition. I created a series of digital illustrations for their report: “Responsible Data in Agriculture”  (Continue)



5. Icons

A small project, expanding the existing icons on The Engine Room’s website.  (Continue)


6. 2016 Retrospective

Layout and illustrations for The Engine Room’s 2016 retrospective microsite.  (Continue)