Quien Compro

Advocacy / Mexico / Transparency / UI

¿Quién Compró? uses Freedom of Information Requests to find out how Mexican congressmen and women are spending public money. They have a webpage which publishes articles explaining budget spending as well as allows users to look at and download receipts on items spent by congressmen and women. ¿Quién Compró? will work on building a more robust database management system. This will allow them to store and process data more effectively (source: the Engine room).

It originated in Mexico by a group of journalists advocating transparency of government expenditure and was refined by the Engine room through a great project management by Tin Geber. I was tasked with the design of the User Interface for the web application after which it was developed into a functioning live application by the Open Data Kosovo team. 

Further Links: Live website / Engine Room case study


My Role:

UI Design
Icon Design

Wireframe (by the Engine room) to design implementation.

Screen compilation from the Quien Compro web application.

Icons created to signify the various expenditure categories (top) and User Interface elements (bottom).