A selection of work completed during my industrial placement in Hangzhou, China (2010-11).

Industrial Design / Kitchen / Range Hood / Home Appliances / Cleaning / Airport Security / Tea

Extractor Future Concepts

Domestic kitchen range hood proposals for a leading Chinese home appliances company. The design direction revolved around the themes of Scandinavian and Chinese traditional design, the essence of which was explored through the use of material combinations, forms and colour.

Marsupial Steam Cleaner

Concept design of a household steam cleaner. Purposed to function as a dual state device, the emphasis was given on allowing quick transition between the different operational modes. Inspirational cues for the nesting of two bodies were drawn from marsupial pouches, most notably ones found in Eastern Grey Kangaroos.

Air port Security X-Ray E.D.S.

Design proposal for the casing of an Explosive Detection System to be used for airport security. An easily producible minimal form using sheet metal with side profiles that allow total access to the internal mechanism. Emergency buttons are placed on chamfered corners coupled with highly visible graphics for enhanced usability.

Loose Tea Infusers

Though less challenging than fridges for Eskimos, designing tea products for the Chinese market comes a close second. Revolving around the theme of reusability, the following infuser concepts were created as exploratory platforms for the delivery and appreciation of loose tea.