Biting Ring

Conceptual / Electronic Money / Pain Feedback

Getting closer to the transition stage where our money will no longer be represented as physical entities but rather as electronic bits of information will bring a perceptual change in the way we acknowledge their existence. This concept project is a proposal for the recreation of close proximity links with our online finances in the near future.

Using embedded connectivity it would provide an instant pain response through biting when a malicious activity is detected, facilitating ever-present awareness. Pain is used as the crucial feedback system for its fast speed, familiar association with negative events and value as a protective mechanism. Triggering events could be customized by the users to reflect their individual transaction patterns.


Money was always connected with security, from overcomplicated printed techniques to enhanced encryptions for credit cards there is a constant push for safer systems and constant attempts to crack them. In digital environments, infringements, credit card frauds and identity thefts are directly related with our new electronic monetary transactions.

Gradually a total immersion from physical to virtual currencies will take place, in 2026 paper notes and metal coins might be a relic of the past, but our human needs for protection, security and control will still be attached to every new monetary system. Trust will need to be established and maintained through physical connections with our virtual currencies.