On a Replication sprint in Croatia

August 25, 2017
August 25, 2017 LL

Back in January, I had the fortune and pleasure to participate in a replication sprint organized by The Engine Room. A diverse group of people gathering for a week in a secluded Isrian’ villa to intensely focus on repurposing a micro-tasking platform for new uses. But what are these Replication sprints? Quoting from the source:

“Replication sprints are designed to remix technical components of successful projects in other contexts, and embedding that technology into an effective strategy for systems change.

Replication sprints are based on the premise that no copy and paste of standards or code can replace tailored technology and data support, but that reusing common components of technology and data tactics that have succeeded in other contexts can dramatically reduce costs. – Maya / The Engine Room”

In the spirit of replication and open source-fulness, we had to adapt  ¿Quién Compró?‘s platform to accommodate the needs of Opora from Ukraine, and K-Monitor from Hungary, the two participating organizations. The sprint was beautifully encapsulated by the Engine Room as a process diary and also as a reflective case study. For my part, I wanted to share a few visuals from the design development and to give a big shout-out to the amazing team that made it a reality, Tin, Maya, Alan (Engine Room) / Marit (ScrumMaster), Krzysztof (Back-end), Vanja (UX/Data) / Attila and Levente (K-Monitor) and Grygorii (Opora) / special thanks to the chef that pampered us with freshly baked focaccia and other delicacies throughout the week.




Live Website: vagyonnyilatkozatok.k-monitor.hu


Live Website: (tbc)


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