Notebooks of future travels

The drawback with calendars is that they have an expiration date. Even though our little experiment broke even (materials / printing cost) there were a few calendars left behind and as Spring approached their chances of finding a good home diminished rapidly. So we sat down with Psit jewllery and Yellow Boots for a quick brainstorming on the subject of: What can you do with an unsold calendar?
The answer was surprisingly simple, elegant and fairly upcycled: convert them to travel notebooks. After sourcing paper (a nice matte 120gsm cream white) from the depths of the industrial section of Piraeus, grabbing a low level stapler and painstakingly cutting each calendar with an utility knife, individual pages were synthesized into notebooks. Each cover a different place, a past adventure and a unique story from one of my past travels. Each notebook empty and ready to be filled with notes, memories and stories of your future travels. The first batch is being sold online and offline in Psit.