Evil Goat Eye / Evil Cuttlefish Eye

March 4, 2017
March 4, 2017 LL

The evil goat eye or evil cuttlefish eye is a curse believed to be cast by the glare of a malevolent goat/cuttlefish. It is usually given to a person while they are blissfully unaware, strolling in the Greek countryside or swimming in the Aegean sea. Old folklore tales believe that receiving a stare from an evil goat/cuttlefish can cause misfortune and uncontrolled hiccups. Special talismans in the shape of a goat or a cuttlefish eye were created to ward off the evil and protect those who wear them. 

Tο κακό μάτι (κατσίκας ή σουπιάς) είναι μια κατάρα που πιστεύεται ότι προκαλείται από την έντονη ματιά μίας κακόβουλης κατσίκας / σουπιάς σε κάποιον ανυποψίαστο περαστικό, καθώς περιηγείται στην Ελληνική εξοχή ή κολυμπάει στην θάλασσα του Αιγαίου. Σύμφωνα με παλιές δοξασίες το κακόβουλο βλέμμα μπορεί να προκαλέσει δυστυχία και ανεξέλεγκτο λόξιγκα. Ειδικά φυλαχτά σε σχήμα ματιού κατσίκας / σουπιάς, δημιουργήθηκαν για να αποκρούσουν το κακό και να προστατεύσουν αυτούς που τα φορούν.

Part of an ongoing investigation into contemporary souvenir products and cultural juxtapositions this project was focused on making a parody of the infamous evil eye talismans. It is almost comical how in this day and age old superstitious beliefs hold strong. Yes, people still believe in evil eye curses and through the power of the nocebo effect probably self-fulfill their own prophecies too.

To make light of this situation I took inspiration from the two uncontested Greek Summer beauties: the Goat, and Cuttlefish. With great pleasure, I present the Evil Goat Eye and Evil Cuttlefish Eye! No more you shall walk this treacherous wilderness unprotected.

You can find them at the following stores in Athens, Greece:

Psit (Ψιτ)

Forget Me Not


Sterling Silver (.925), Enamel (color)

For the initial prototypes I found this old school engraving process. A tracing machine that translates an enlarged etched plexiglass replica to the final engraved metal design.

Prototypes of the eyes made out of bronze in order to create silicone moulds

Final batch production in silver (after the investment casting process)

My sister, of the Psit jewellry fame, putting the most important touch, enamel color (and pins).

Evil Goat Eyes baked and ready!

Evil Cuttlefish Eye, close-up

Promotional material / Identity

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