Notebooks of future travels

The drawback with calendars is that they have an expiration date. Even though our little experiment broke even (materials / printing cost) there were a few calendars left behind and as Spring approached their chances of finding a good home diminished rapidly. So we sat down with Psit jewllery and Yellow Boots for a quick brainstorming on the subject of: What can you do with an unsold calendar? Read more

Around the world in 12 months

Prompted by my sister, who has been creating her own calendars for the last two years, I decided to put some of my travel photos to good use. Each month is a journey to China, Indonesia, Pakistan, Vietnam or UK (the odd one in the mix). Read more

Aiming beams and burning things / or how to make a laser cutter denim swatch

After some trial and error and a few burned off-cuts the laser cutter was tamed and settings for cutting / engraving denim established. I left the swatch at the workshop so if you want to experiment with tattooing jeans your life will be much easier. We can slowly make a swatch library for every laserable material. Speed 100 / Power 30 / 500Hz seems to work pretty well for thin denim. Read more