Notes on Predictions

1) Smartphone use will fuel the biggest innovation in first aid and urban emergency response. By a soon to be rolled, integration to the ambulance response system, first aiders using their smartphones will be able to respond at emergencies in their close proximity. Apart from the utilization of, usually dormant, life saving-skills there is a big potential for reducing response rate in half, a difference between life & death in cardiac arrest cases (were the service will be initially tested).

2) 30 Fab Labs are expected to spring throughout UK in 2015 while the first British makerspace inside a library is already up and running (in Devon). Libraries are a prime space to incorporate digital fabrication tools in the same spirit with open knowledge and public access. It might even be their only way of survival. I am expecting a makerspace in every neighborhood in the (very) near future.

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Aiming beams and burning things / or how to make a laser cutter denim swatch

After some trial and error and a few burned off-cuts the laser cutter was tamed and settings for cutting / engraving denim established. I left the swatch at the workshop so if you want to experiment with tattooing jeans your life will be much easier. We can slowly make a swatch library for every laserable material. Speed 100 / Power 30 / 500Hz seems to work pretty well for thin denim. Read more