On a Replication sprint in Croatia

Back in January, I had the fortune and pleasure to participate in a replication sprint organized by The Engine Room. A diverse group of people gathering for a week in a secluded Isrian’ villa to intensely focus on repurposing a micro-tasking platform for new uses. But what are these Replication sprints? Quoting from the source: Read more

Snippet of Iconography

Quick project expanding the existing iconography of The Engine Room. Here I wanted to showcase a part of the process including the initial raw, rough, sketches that evolved to the final icons after a few iterations.  Read more



Thessaloniki is the second largest city in Greece. One of it’s most recognized landmarks is the White Tower. Build by the Ottomans in the 15th century (with Mimar Sinan as the speculated architect) to enhance the fortification of the city. Currently, it serves as a monument, a museum, and a public meeting spot. After a conversation with my creative Thessalonikian aunt and her suggestion, I started exploring potential ideas to transform the essence of the tower into a contemporary tourist souvenir.  Read more

Evil Goat Eye / Evil Cuttlefish Eye

The evil goat eye or evil cuttlefish eye is a curse believed to be cast by the glare of a malevolent goat/cuttlefish. It is usually given to a person while they are blissfully unaware, strolling in the Greek countryside or swimming in the Aegean sea. Old folklore tales believe that receiving a stare from an evil goat/cuttlefish can cause misfortune and uncontrolled hiccups. Special talismans in the shape of a goat or a cuttlefish eye were created to ward off the evil and protect those who wear them.  Read more

Notebooks of future travels

The drawback with calendars is that they have an expiration date. Even though our little experiment broke even (materials / printing cost) there were a few calendars left behind and as Spring approached their chances of finding a good home diminished rapidly. So we sat down with Psit jewllery and Yellow Boots for a quick brainstorming on the subject of: What can you do with an unsold calendar? Read more

AYE – A Wearable device to reduce Vitamin A deficiencies in infants

AYE was created as a team project for The Wearables for Good Challenge  (UNICEF, Arm, Frog).

“A global call-to-action to develop innovative, affordable solutions to make wearables and sensor technology a game-changer for women and children across the world. A challenge to design wearable and sensor technology that serves people in resource constrained environments. (source)”We started from the highlighted causes of The Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and more specifically Goal 4: Reduce child mortality. Read more

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