Leaven Lab


Leavening is a biological process, used in bread-making, where beneficial microorganisms are incorporated into the dough to produce growth. The benefits of leavening can be used to describe an improved design process. Where the designer would act as a catalyst for positive change, in cooperation with and for the benefit of, another entity.

Leaven Lab started as an exploratory platform to realize the possibilities of design for social impact and positive change. Searching for meaning, through the changing landscape of post-industrial production, the increasing cross-pollination of disciplines and the advance of digital fabrication, it will serve as a vehicle for connection, collaboration, contribution and learning.

Dimitrios Stamatis


Starting as a graphic designer I soon craved the tangibility of atoms, this led to a degree in Industrial design. From there the horizon kept expanding to include an appreciation of systems, human behaviors, social cultures and exponential technologies.

I have worked primarily in consultancies in Athens, London and Hangzhou (China) for projects ranging from tea infusers to explosive detection systems. In my freelance practice, I collaborate with local/remote teams, to design products and services focused on social impact.

Happy to talk about:

Interesting collaborations, freelance opportunities or travel stories.